Desert View Services

  • Christian Science nursing
  • Respite Care
  • Day Care
  • Outpatient
  • Visiting Christian Science nursing
  • Rest and Study

An accredited Christian Science nursing home in Scottsdale, Arizona

Assistance is available for individuals who cannot come to the facility for care. This
involves services that can be accomplished in a short time, such as cleansing and
covering. Please call (480) 299-0504 and make arrangements before you come or
bring someone for outpatient care.
Other Services:
Though inpatient (facility) nursing care is our main focus, Desert View also offers the
following services subject to availability:

Respite Care
Short-term care when there is a need for a care giver to be away from their care
responsibilities. Individuals still must meet the criteria for regular admission.
Visiting Christian Science nursing
Desert View can often help in arranging for a visiting nurse service to assist in your home
with such services as bathing, cleansing and covering needs, instruction in the care of a
family member, and more.

  Desert View Christian Science Care  Supporting the healing ministry of Christian Science               

Desert View is recognized as a non-profit corporation and qualified charity under IRS 501(c) (3)
Rest and Study
Rest and Study in our private "Casita" offers a quiet place for prayer and study. This
category does not include any Christian Science nursing services.  Individuals must
be totally self-sufficient.
Day Care
Very temporary support (4 hours) for individuals capable of sitting quietly and reading
in our living room area.

Desert View Business Office: (480) 307-6060  •  Christian Science Nursing: (480) 299-0504

Facility Location: 8706 East Via Taz Norte, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Mailing Address: 8390 E Via De Ventura F-110 #249, Scottsdale, AZ 85258


Desert View offers a quiet refuge for those seeking to rely totally on Christian Science for healing.

     The patient's daily needs are cared for while the individual’s spiritual growth,

          freedom and renewal are lovingly encouraged.

     Complete full-care Christian Science nursing services are provided by skilled Christian

          Science nurses.  These include daily dressing and grooming, bathing, use of

          mobility aids, cleansing and covering, toileting, meals and food modification,

          full bed-care.

     Desert View does not provide assisted living or residential living but serves individuals

          who need some form of nursing care.

     If there is a need, please call and talk with a Christian Science nurse at

          (480) 299-0504.  They are happy to discuss care at the facility, as well to offer

          helpful suggestions if an individual is being cared for at home.


     If you are considering enlisting the aid of a Christian Science nurse for home care but

           are not sure how to get started, click here for some suggested questions to ask

           when interviewing an individual. Christian Science nurses who take private duty

           cases are listed in the "The Christian Science Journal."